Saturday, October 29, 2016

HV857 - Tiny EL Lamp driver (QY10 backlight)

This is a neat little electroluminescent (EL) driver board.  It uses the HV857 lamp driver IC and only 7 external parts.  The PCB board is only 12mm square, and it runs off of 1.8-5v DC.  It would run fine of a couple batteries.  It's not the brightest and don't expect it to light up a long strip of EL tape or anything. It works good for smaller LCD backlights and such.

PC board layout if you want to make your own!  Also, here's a mouser parts list if anyone is interested.  Also also, here's the eagle files I made for this project.

Guts of my QY10 with the EL board installed

QY10 backlight action.  Yay!