Sunday, March 24, 2013

6n3 Tube Buffer


First real post.  This is a tube buffer I built a while back.  The guts are from a kit I bought (cheap chinese 6n3 buffer kit).  The Enclosure I dreamed up and assemble on my own.  This guy adds a subtle "tube" warmth to whatever audio signal you feed through it.  The knob on the front adjusts the amount of warmth, although when ever I use this I always end up turning the knob fully clockwise.  I mostly made this to learn more about tube circuits.  It was an interesting project.  I don't really use this thing, but am still glad I made it.

Tech notes:
*  Changed the stock 7805 for a 7806.  This regulator drives the filament.  The 6V supply is closer to speck and helps the Buffer run more efficiently.
*  Switched the stock 6n3 for a ge 5670.  The vintage 5670 sounded a little better then the new chinese 6n3.