Sunday, December 29, 2013

Baby 8 Sequencer

The baby 8 finished product.  


My layout design
This is the simple baby 8 sequencer.  Based around the 4017 chip, and clocked with a 555 timer.  0-5v CV output, 1-8 step selector switch, and a rate control.  Original circuit can be found here. My build is a variation of this design with an added voltage regulator.

Monday, December 16, 2013

MFOS Alien Screamer Noise Box

This is my build of the MFOS alien screamer.  Check out what the alien screamer is from the MFOS site here.  Below is a vero board layout I designed.

and some dev shots of my build from bread board, to vero board, to final box up.

And a lofi VHS demo

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Green Ringer Clone

Guts shot, cause I like guts shots.

Audio sample of my green ringer

 Here's my clone of the Dan Armstrong Green Ringer guitar pedal.  I like this guy.  It does some really interesting things to your guitars sounds, or whatever signal you run through it.  I built the circuit on vero board and used this Layout.  It's a fairly simple build as far as guitar effects go.  The enclosure came out pretty nice.  I made it out of wood and sheet metal.  The design on top of the pedal is light blue, green, and metallic yellow enamel paint.  I swirled the paint in a "ring" while it was still wet.  Get it, green ringer :)

Monday, August 5, 2013

4093 NAND Synth

Fake ad of my nandsynth.

Here's my take on the nand synth noise maker.  I used the PCB from Synthrotek 
The board has extra holes for modding and customization.  In that space I added Synthrotek's 555 oscillator (, and injected it into the circuit.  My other mods include a voltage choke with the momentary switch in-line with the power supply.  I also added a simple volume / passive tone control like one found in a guitar.  

Monday, April 8, 2013

BOSS CH-1 mod (digital version) Super Duper Chorus

Boss CH-1 super chorus pedal.  This is the less popular digital version of the CH-1.  The older super chorus pedals are analog and sound much better.  This pedal uses a digital processor chip to create the "chorus" effects.  I opened this guy up and found some useful mods.  I changed the resistor in parallel with the rate pot.  The effect rate now speeds up to almost infinity.  One of the added toggle switch cuts the clean signal out, only allowing the modulated signal to pass ( sounds like a vibrato ).  The other toggle switch changes the chorus setting in the digital chip.  This switch makes the effect more intense and almost square-wave sounding.  To give you an idea of what the mods sound like, below is a sound clip of me playing guitar, badly, while messing with the settings.


I wouldn't call this pedal warm or lush.  More like corny, or cheesy sci-fi.  It's almost more suited for Casio keyboards then it is for guitar. 

Upon request here's some gut shots to display the mod I did.

The two toggles squeezed in there 

Rate resistor reduced to 1.8 K. you could solder bridge this if you wanted.

Tremolo switch.  Theres probably a better way to cut out the clean signal.

Pin 13 of the echo processor lifted.  The switch ties pin 13 to pins 11 &12.  This basically add more modulation depth.  In hindsight you might not need the switch.  Just lift pin 13 so it's no longer grounded and solder it to pin 12.  With pin 13 enabled, the depth control at about 11 o'clock sounds like the stock pedal would with the depth control maxed out.  

Here's the echo processor's data sheet for reference ES56028.pdf

Sunday, March 24, 2013

6n3 Tube Buffer


First real post.  This is a tube buffer I built a while back.  The guts are from a kit I bought (cheap chinese 6n3 buffer kit).  The Enclosure I dreamed up and assemble on my own.  This guy adds a subtle "tube" warmth to whatever audio signal you feed through it.  The knob on the front adjusts the amount of warmth, although when ever I use this I always end up turning the knob fully clockwise.  I mostly made this to learn more about tube circuits.  It was an interesting project.  I don't really use this thing, but am still glad I made it.

Tech notes:
*  Changed the stock 7805 for a 7806.  This regulator drives the filament.  The 6V supply is closer to speck and helps the Buffer run more efficiently.
*  Switched the stock 6n3 for a ge 5670.  The vintage 5670 sounded a little better then the new chinese 6n3.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

first post blah

Beer&Solder Manifesto

As a little snot nose kid, I would love to take things apart and often brake them in the process.  Learning how stuff works from the inside out has always been an intense desire of mine.  Now, as a large snot nose kid, I continue the journey.  With newly learned skills I've been able to take increasingly more complicated things apart ,normally not breaking them in the process, to fix, mod, and/or improve.  This blog will chronicle some of my projects for sharing, teaching, inspiring, and other selfish reasons. Most of these projects are audio/musical based and often electric in nature. Hope you enjoy.