Saturday, May 30, 2015

Noise Toaster

This is just a show off post of my noise toaster.  If you don't know, the noise toaster is a simple-ish, lofi synth, noise maker, designed by Ray Wilson.  You can find all the info needed to build your own over at MFOS.  This thing is really versatile and capable of producing all types of lofi synthy goodness.  It can run on a 9v battery and has a built-in amp and speaker, for on-the-go sonic exploration.  I highly recommend this project to anyone into DIY noise makers! 

Added the mods suggested on Rays site.  Both useful additions!

Added a tiny little laptop speaker cuz why not.

And here is a track I made that features the noise toaster.  All the bleeps and blips running through the whole beat is all toaster madness.